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Agile Transformation Toolbox

Agile transformation has been a popular topic in recent years, especially under the influence of the COVID 19 epidemic, how to respond quickly under turbulent changes has become an urgent matter. Although many companies have begun to introduce agile transformation, the effect is not obvious, causing other The company is still on the sidelines, and wants to see more about the practices of others, so that they will not be wronged. In this sharing, I will share some tools to let you know how they make the successful transformation of the company agile implemented

(1) Agile Transformation Process
(2) Lean Change Canvas
(3) Improvement Kata
(4) Community of Practices

Consent Decision Making

There are many ways for teams to make decisions together. When we use consensus, it could include everyone's voice, but it takes time. When we use voting, it's fast, but it could ignore the minority voice which could be very important. "Consent" provides us an option that we can hear everyone's voice in an effificent way within a group.
In this 30 minutes, we will have a quick introduction to consent, and provide some reference for your further study.


  • Check in 19:30 (Start No Mandarin)
  • Agile Transformation Toolbox
  • Consent Decision Making
  • Closing (Start Yes Mandarin)


  • Anyone who Don't Affraid to Speak English


柯仁傑 David Ko

Odd-e Agile Coach

Currently serving as an Agile Coach at Odd-e, helping companies introduce agile, improve processes and provide training, one of the organizers of Agile Tour Taipei in Taiwan, and the founder of the largest agile community in China, dedicated to promoting agile technology.

Good at agile development process, agile testing, software testing, design sprint (Design Sprint) and DevOps transformation.

The host of Agile Summit and DevOpsDays Taiepi, translated into Traditional Chinese version of Scrum and XP from the Trenches.

黃世銘 Sam Hung

Organization Developement Specialist from Titansoft.

He enjoys facilitating conversation between people to find different ways of working for a happier working environment.


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Agile.Taipei 是一群對敏捷思維與方法的推廣有熱情或是狂熱的人所組成,我們不隸屬於任何其他社群/組織/企業,我們期待藉由各種形式的經驗分享和技術交流,能讓在北北基地區工作生活的夥伴們能接觸新思維,工作能更快樂。


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