AgileTaipei2019 二月聚會: From Zero To One: How we evolved our processes and mindset in Deep Security Automation

From Zero To One: 
How we evolved our processes and mindset in Deep Security Automation

Deep Security is a multi-tenant security product and service that provides physical server, virtualization environment and cloud platform protection. It contains most complete security protection for a wide range of OS platforms including windows , linux and Unix. 

Besides, Deep Security is a cross-site collaborative effort between 30+ development teams from across Ottawa and Taipei. In order to continuous deliver a product that is with such scale, it becomes complex and difficult to manage in the integration and regression phase. In the past few years, we have learnt a lot to evolve our test automation and this talk is about the journey we took from Zero to One.




  1. What's Deep Security
  2. QA Issues
  3. Automation for Deep Security

From Zero to One

  1.   Environment Creation
  2.   Test Cases Framework
  3.   Promote Solution to Developer
  4.   Dashboard for Test Result
  5.   Resource / Performance

  6.   Dashboard for Environment
  7.   Auto Alert / Fix
  8.   Root Cause Analysis
  9.   Extend the Scalability

Multi Automation Environment

  1. Communication
  2. Integrated Data / Interface
  3. Consolidated Test Result
  4. COCO




Jo Yu

Fu Jen Catholic University, CSIE
De La Salle University, CCS

Work Experience:
Software Developer in Test, Trend Micro
Support Engineer / Developer, Borlsoft Taiwan

Several government agency and private enterprise websites
USB testing tool for Android OS
File authentication and encryption for Windows
1st-gen Install / Upgrade automation pipeline and report system
LIFT Automation Environment


Vincent YT Chang

Ming Chuan University, Information Management

Work Experience:
Software Developer in Test, Trend Micro.
Software Developer in Compal, MStar and hVK.

Mobile Developer Tool in Visual Studio and Simulator
Bluetooth Profiles for Carkit
Network driver by iOS hacking
LIFT Automation Environment


Kwan Su


Queen Mary University of London, Computer Science, MSc
National Taipei University of Technology, Computer Science and Information Engineering, BSc

Work Experience:

Software Development Engineer in Test, TrendMicro
Software Developer, Kingwaytek


Ministry of Transportation and Communication Geographic Information System
Forestry Bureau Management System
Taiwan Power Company Pipelines Visualize System
LIFT Automation Environment





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